Deeya Bajaj

Manager, Business Development and Operations, Snow Leopard Adventures

Entrepreneurship, Family Business
Motivation, Social Entrepreneur
Deeya Bajaj


In 2008, Deeya was a member of a sea kayaking expedition along the west coast of Greenland. The expedition entailed paddling for over 14 days past icebergs and through fjords adjacent to the second largest ice cap in the world. Trans Greenland Skiing Expedition: In May 2011, Deeya, at 17 years, became the youngest to have undertaken the Trans Greenland Skiing Expedition. Deeya's father, Ajeet Bajaj, and Deeya skied from the west to the east coast of Greenland, skiing 550 kms over 21 days, with ambient temperatures touching (-) 23 degrees Celsius.