Daymond John

Founder & CEO at The Shark Tank Group, The Shark Group

Investment, Leadership
Motivation, Branding and Advertising
Daymond John


Daymond John, the embodiment of the American Dream, rose from humble origins to become a self-made multimillionaire, accumulating over $6 billion in global product sales. As a Shark on ABC’s hit show "Shark Tank," he sets benchmarks in fashion, branding, marketing, consulting, and entertainment, perpetually raising the bar of excellence.

A bestselling author and pioneering entrepreneurial expert, Daymond is a sought-after business and motivational speaker, leveraging over two decades of hands-on experience. From steering FUBU to a global fashion giant with $350 million annual sales to trailblazing guerrilla marketing and social media integration, his strategies remain cutting-edge.

Daymond imparts winning tactics on negotiation, sales, morale, productivity, and talent optimization, applicable across diverse businesses. His rags-to-riches journey and charismatic storytelling inspire audiences, emphasizing sacrifice, hard work, and perseverance as the key to success.