Jennifer Dougherty

Founder and Lead Coach, Dougherty Coaching and Consulting

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Jennifer Dougherty


Dr. Jennifer E. Dougherty is the founder and lead coach at Dougherty Coaching and Consulting. Passionate about driving change and helping organizations and leaders be their best, she has been employed by organizations and leaders who desire to change their culture, provide work-life harmony for themselves and their employees, and increase teamwork, engagement, collaboration, and voicing. 

Seasoned as both an internal and external coach, Jennifer offers leadership and professional development training, facilitation, consulting, and research services. She especially loves working with emerging leaders, leaders entering their first leadership role, and those transitioning to leadership. 

If you are an emerging leader, a leader entering their first leadership role, or someone transiting to leadership and would like a guide and partner in exploring your leadership style, values, and much more, then connect with Jennifer to see how you can partner together –