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Daniela Aneva


Daniela Aneva, MCC, EIA has been working in large global organizations for nearly 23 years and over 13 of them as a coach. She has two master’s degrees - in Human Resource Management and Psychology, served as an executive, COO, VP, and other strategic roles in the corporate world and earlier in her career was recognized as “40 under 40 Leaders in North America. 

Daniela served as a Director of Professional Development in an ICF Chapter in Europe, led as CEO of an NGO with a focus on developing youth, and is actively involved in DEI activities.

Daniela’s strength is her blended experience between real-life corporate and business, coaching, mentoring, and supervision, where she can offer vertical and tacit growth to any size organization, especially when they scale globally, go through M&A integrations, or multiply the top performer layer for better efficiency.