Lisbeth Ceballos

Life & Executive Coach, LC Leadership

Coaching, Emotional Wellbeing
Mindfulness, Mindfulness
Lisbeth Ceballos


Lisbeth Ceballos is a unique Coach & Facilitator focused on Life Coaching and Leadership Development who brings a distinctive perspective as a Seasoned, award-winning, Executive in various capacities and environments along with a multicultural and inclusive viewpoint. Lisbeth has a keen ability to relate, evoke awareness, and influence others to live their best life. Originally from Venezuela, she came to the USA to study English and Hospitality Management and has over 30 years of Executive experience. Lisbeth is well-known for her resilience, her growing mindset, and her passion for helping others grow and develop others. As a Master NeuroLinguistic Practitioner and Certified Professional Coach Lisbeth takes a holistic approach to coaching