Jake Bernstein

Mental Health, Resilience, Performance Speaker; Lessons From a Near Death Experience, Scaling & Selling a Business, & Working at Amazon, JB Ventures
Resilience, Employee Engagement
Productivity, Mindfulness
Jake Bernstein


Jake Bernstein emerges as a prominent figure in elevating mental wellness and productivity among high achievers. His expertise has garnered recognition through appearances on FOX, CBS, NBC, and ABC. Collaborating with industry leaders from HSBC, AWS, and C3 AI, Jake empowers individuals to navigate uncertainty, excel in demanding roles, and discover deeper fulfillment in their careers. Drawing from personal experiences, including a near-death encounter, entrepreneurial endeavors, and tenure at AWS, he offers invaluable insights to prevent burnout and achieve equilibrium between corporate success and personal well-being. Jake's mission revolves around guiding others to thrive professionally while maintaining a harmonious life.