Alexis Artin

Master Embodiment Teacher & Licensed Growth Coach, Alexis Artin
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Alexis Artin


Meet Alexis Artin, embodiment teacher and co-founder of Soulsway, a unique movement practice created with Janelle Marra. Based in LA, Alexis is a multi-certified and licensed coach with a diverse background in wellness and self-expression.

A student of human behavior, Alexis's approach is holistic. She combines movement, meditation, somatic science, and coaching to mend the bridges between the heart, mind, body, and soul. As the creator of The Soul-Body Paradox, Alexis exemplifies the soul-body's power to self-heal, offering transformative experiences in her private practices and public classes.

Introducing Soulsway: The wellness practice you've been seeking. Immerse yourself in trusted classes that help you connect to the natural power and comfort within your body. As you explore somatic movement and expression, experience the benefits of naturally regulating your nervous system, enjoying your body, and affirming your intrinsic self. Dive deeper into the soul-body connection and unleash your capacity to self-heal.