Amb. Dr. Smily Mukta Ghosal

Leadership Coach | Founder & CEO- Natural Beauty Organic Skin & Hair Products, Natural Beauty Organic Skin & Hair Products
ESG and Sustainability, Entrepreneurship
Inspiring Women, Inspiring Women
Amb. Dr. Smily Mukta Ghosal


Smily Mukta Ghoshal, hailed as a "Global ICON/Green Queen" and esteemed influencer, garners numerous accolades for her remarkable contributions to environmental sustainability and social welfare. Recognized as a Global Super Mum and recipient of prestigious awards like the Golden Legend Award and UNGO ONGO Award, Smily is celebrated for her exceptional leadership and positive impact worldwide. As a distinguished plant biologist, environmentalist, and herbalist, Smily is the driving force behind Natural Beauty Organic Skin & Hair Products, USA. Her visionary leadership and commitment to green initiatives have earned her titles such as Top Women Entrepreneur and Women's World Record Holder. Based in Dallas, USA, Smily channels her passion for nature and Ayurvedic heritage into her endeavors, advocating for eco-friendly alternatives and promoting a natural lifestyle. With unwavering determination and boundless enthusiasm, she continues to inspire global change and champion environmental stewardship.