Vishen Lakhiani

Founder & CEO - Mindvalley, Mindvalley

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Vishen Lakhiani


Vishen Menon is an influential voice in personal growth and human consciousness, renowned for founding Mindvalley, a leading online personal growth education company. He's a New York Times bestselling author, with multiple books underway. Vishen's passion to unite humanity and challenge norms has cultivated a global movement, engaging 15 million+ followers and half-a-million students annually. Hailing from Malaysia, Vishen transformed his education experiences into a quest to redefine learning. As Mindvalley's visionary, he initiated the holistic growth-centered Mindvalley University and the successful "Quest" learning platform, boasting 5x higher completion rates. His book "The Code of the Extraordinary Mind" resonated globally, and "The Buddha And The Badass" is already a Wall Street Journal and USA Today bestseller. Passionate about health and education activism, he's a Transformational Leadership Council member. Vishen's work-life integration reflects Mindvalley's acclaimed culture. Mindvalley's growth, reach, and transformative impact underscore its role as a pioneering force in education.