Terence Mauri

Author, Keynote Speaker and Founder, Hack Future Lab

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Terence Mauri


Terence is the visionary founder of Hack Future Lab, a forward-thinking think tank dedicated to exploring how leaders can steer a future marked by agility, audacity, and resilience. With over two decades of experience, he serves as Entrepreneur Mentor in Residence at MIT and London Business School. Terence's expertise lies in guiding leaders through adversity and disruptive shifts, drawing from his role as a former director at Saatchi & Saatchi, where he counseled luminaries from Apple, Microsoft, Netflix, and Novartis. His recent book, 'The Upside of Disruption,' unveils innovative strategies for navigating uncertainty. One day, a car lost control, mounted the curb and hit Terence. This accident changed his life forever, motivating him to impart invaluable insights on transforming businesses amid unpredictable disruption—the very challenge leaders grapple with today. Living by the mantra that "not taking a risk is a risk," Terence continues to inspire a daring approach to leadership.