Tyler Farnham

Speaker / Ocean Lifeguard / Surfing Coach / Writer, Self Employed

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Tyler Farnham


Tyler Farnham was born and raised in Cocoa Beach Florida and worked as an Ocean Rescue Captain for 6 years. In 2010 Tyler was awarded Lifeguard of the year as well as a lifesaving Valor award. 

In 2012 Tyler took his profession to Australia, New Zealand and numerous other countries using his passion for lifeguarding to see the world and share his story for over a decade.  

In 2020 Tyler Published 2 books, and was hired at Nihi Sumba as Boathouse Manager. .

Now a surfing guide and public speaker, Tyler, at 40 years old, still strives to get out of the comfort zone for continual growth. 

Spending part time in Bali surf guiding, and part time in Florida as an Ocean Lifeguard, Tyler goes about life in an unorthodox manner. As a surrogate father to two beautiful children in Australia, I have a reason to be a role model.