Shagun Agarwal

Entrepreneur, Keynote Speaker, Strategy Here

Motivation and Development | Employee Engagement, Mental Health, Growth Mindset

Shagun Agarwal


Shagun Agarwal is an unconventional speaker; she empowers leaders and organizations to question their assumptions and excel in a rapidly changing world. She inspires bold changes in both personal and professional spheres. 

Shagun travels a lot, extensively reads and researches on Embracing Change, Finding Balance at Work and in Life, Succeeding in the New Normal, and Striving for Breakthrough Performance. A highly sought after Keynote Speaker, Shagun's engaging keynotes and virtual programmes is meant for diverse audiences - from student groups to large multi-national corporations. 

She used powerful and high-impact case studies, original research, insight, and stories to influence and inspire her audience. Her audiences take away with themselves simple yet profound techniques that they can adapt to future proof themselves, strive for breakthrough performance and succeed in this dynamic environment. Shagun customizes all her keynote presentations and corporate seminars to create content that is the most suitable.