Maki Iwata

Founder, Be With It Coaching LLC

Coaching, International Relations
Leadership, Leadership
Maki Iwata


When it comes to coaching, Maki bases her approach around one core belief: everyone has the ability to achieve their goals. Sometimes that ability is buried deep inside, and clients simply need help digging through. This is why she does what she does; Maki finds great joy in supporting the client through that digging process and helping them actualize to a freer, more authentic self. That “Aha moment” when a client wakes up to their full potential and capabilities brings tremendous gratification to her.  

Prior to obtaining her coaching certification, Maki worked in the hospitality industry, a vocation that brought her to Singapore, Tokyo, Nairobi and various cities in the US. 

Maki received the Leadership Coaching for Organizational Performance (LCOP) certification from Rutgers University and is a credentialed Associate Certified Coach (ACC) with the International Coaching Federation (ICF).