Kevin Taylor

Owner, Incepto Insights, Incepto Insights

Emotional Intelligence, Healthcare
Coaching, Coaching
Kevin Taylor


Kevin, a seasoned senior executive, brings extensive expertise in colleague engagement, wellbeing, resilience, organizational and program development, and customer engagement. As a certified executive coach deeply versed in the neuroscience of change, he aids clients and teams in managing conflict and drama, promoting alignment, satisfaction, and productivity.

Kevin's reputation is built on his authenticity and dynamic, forward-thinking approach as a physician leader and coach, making substantial contributions to individual and organizational success. He excels in administering assessments, delivering professional presentations, and providing executive and team coaching. Notably, he has mentored leaders and teams at local, regional, and national levels for over 30 years.

In his coaching career, Kevin focuses on leadership development and business transformation, creating an evidence-based coaching program to enhance client-customer communication. His expertise extends to facilitating team development programs, emphasizing customer safety and improving team communication, effectiveness, and efficiency.