Heleen Westerhuijs

Executive Coach PCC, HWest Executive Coaching

Activity (Mental), Coaching
Strategy, Strategy
Heleen Westerhuijs


With close to a decade of experience in corporate finance, Heleen made the transition into executive coaching in 2016. She is passionate and driven in her mission to support ambitious and successful individuals to fully realize their potential and maximize their impact - in their career and life.

A go-getter and an empath, Heleen brings an original and strategic approach to the art and science of Executive Coaching. Fascinated with the workings of the human brain, Heleen has studied 

Neurobiology of Everyday Life 

Positive Psychology 

Emotional Intelligence 

Positive Intelligence

Heleen, holding the PCC credentials by the ICF, effortlessly blends theory and an evidence-based, data-driven approach to uncover the internal and external limitations holding you back, and how to overcome them. She intuitively tunes into potential, paving the way for new and more effective perspectives for her clients, their teams and their organizations.