Vince Kuraitis

Healthcare Platform Strategies at Better Health Technologies, LLC, Better Health Technologies, LLC
Strategy, Business Transformation
Artificial Intelligence, Futurist
Vince Kuraitis


Vince Kuraitis JD, MBA, is the Principal and Founder of Better Health Technologies, LLC (BHT) since 1997. With a focus on platform strategy, AI, and business ecosystems, BHT consults on developing innovative strategies, partnerships, and business models. Vince is a sought-after speaker on healthcare platform megatrends and platform business strategies, offering insights into creating and capturing value in the virtual care ecosystem. With over 35 years of experience in healthcare, he has collaborated with 150+ organizations across various sectors including tech, hospitals, physician groups, medical devices, pharma, and health plans. Vince's diverse expertise spans roles from President to management consultant, enriching his holistic approach to healthcare consulting.