Ted Souder

Former Head of Industry and Retail - Google, Former Vice-Chair - Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce & Current Board Director, Wiggs Holding
Business Transformation, E-Commerce
Artificial Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence
Ted Souder


Ted Souder is a leading authority on the transformative power of embracing a digital mindset in today's business world. With an impressive tenure as one of Google's earliest employees, Ted dedicated over 20 years to contributing to one of the most remarkable business success stories in history. Throughout his time at Google, he held various senior roles, including Head of Industry, Retail, and Founder of the Google CFO Forum. Additionally, Ted served as Vice-Chair of the prestigious Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce, one of the oldest and largest chambers in the United States. Ted shares his expertise by teaching digital strategy on the Section school online learning platform. Whether delivering large-scale keynotes to thousands or facilitating intimate workshops for business leaders, Ted's message combines inspiration with actionable insights.