Ean Mikale

Principal Engineer, Infinite 8 Industries, Inc.

Artificial Intelligence, Information and Communication Technology
Technology, Technology
Ean Mikale


Ean Mikale, J.D., is a five-time author, international speaker, and Engineer, renowned for leading Infinite 8 Industries, Inc., an Industrial Technology Firm specializing in Quantum, AI, Web3, and MedTech. Notably, he elevated a prior tech startup from $15k to over $1M in annual revenue within 3 years. Heading Infinite 8 Institute, Ean focuses on Quantum telecommunications, IoT, Cybersecurity, and Blockchain. He's credited with creating the World's First Apprenticeships for Commercial Drone Pilots and Software Developers and pioneering A.I. solutions like Forever A.I., the World's First A.I. Physician. Ean's leadership forged partnerships with industry giants like IBM, Nvidia, Oracle, and AWS, driving accelerated growth. As Corporate Secretary at the Rocky Mountain District Exporters Council and IEEE's Working Group for Autonomous Vehicles member, Ean sets global standards, with Columbia University certifications in Cybersecurity reflecting his commitment to security.