Ramesh Iyanswamy

Senior Director / Chief Architect, XYZ
AI/ML, Business Transformation
Digital Transformation, Digital Transformation
Ramesh Iyanswamy


Ramesh, a seasoned C-suite collaborator, navigates IT's role in driving business outcomes adeptly. With expertise in partnering with Fortune 500 firms for digital transformation and large-scale program execution, he's skilled in building new practices from scratch. Proficient in SAP, Cloud, GenAI, and Data, he leads global teams with finesse. Boasting 18+ years in propelling IT-driven business growth, Ramesh excels in cultivating high-value practices and championing disruptive technologies. His transformative approach emphasizes customer-centric innovation, ensuring enterprises thrive in evolving landscapes. With a track record of success, Ramesh continues to redefine industry standards, driving sustainable growth and competitive advantage.