Angela Cusack

Keynote Speaker, Author, Coach to the C- suite and entrepreneurs and Founder/CEO - Igniting Success, Igniting Success

Leadership, Women Empowerment
Business Transformation, Business Transformation
Angela Cusack


Angela Cusack, esteemed for her transformative impact, collaborates with top leaders to cultivate cultures fostering profound connections and prosperity. Her subtle yet powerful influence resonates, particularly within the C-suite, where she coaches and consults. With certifications like Master Certified Coach and Advanced Certified Team Coach, Angela champions multicultural leadership and global organizations, drawing on 25 years of corporate experience and a Master’s in Education & Human Organizational Learning. She partners with CEOs, recalibrating leadership for altruistic success and advises on strategic alignment with brand strategy through Igniting Success®. Angela's 45+ year legacy includes community service and leadership roles in civic organizations. A captivating keynote speaker and author, her recent talk, "Living a Life Less Ordinary Now!" and book, "Discover the Matrix, Integrity: The True Mark of Leadership," inspire change through thought-provoking dialogues and literature.