Salah Khawaja

CEO, Hypermode

Blockchain, Cryptocurrency
Technology, Technology
Salah Khawaja


Salah is the founder of Hypermode, a New York-based Bitcoin-only company dedicated to product innovation and storytelling. With a background in running tech projects on Wall Street for 20 years, including roles at Deloitte, JP Morgan, and Bank of America, Salah brings extensive experience in management consulting and direct banking. He is passionate about solving complex business challenges through innovative tech solutions, leveraging automation to enhance efficiency, and thriving in fast-paced environments. Salah's expertise spans program management, product development, and business transformation, complemented by a talent for relationship-building and driving actionable insights through insightful presentations. Committed to philanthropy, Salah leads Project Khud, empowering underprivileged students through self-organized learning environments. His specialties include technology, automation, large-scale architecture, machine learning, data visualization, mining, big data analytics, software development, and agile methodologies.